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The 'phosphate group' is a fundamental component in the building blocks of life that plays essential roles in our body such as storing and transferring energy. As a biochemistry graduate, our founder named the collection after his favorite molecular component to represent the vitality, energy, and health in our lives.

THE PHOSPHATE COLLECTION’s main objective is to create jewelry that anyone could confidently wear. As a contemporary collection, we highly value our minimalistic aesthetic, making our designs as simple as possible. By placing a strong emphasis on versatility, comfort, and durability during the creation of our designs, we offer our customers the utmost utility from every piece.

Tweezer and diamonds, original artwork by Chayuth Bunyapamai, THE PHOSPHATE COLLECTION

Sourcing and Materials

Since 1946, Tok Kwang has maintained a reputation for sourcing only the highest quality gemstones and pearls. We use only the highest quality diamonds (D-E colour and VS1 and above clarity) and our preferred choice of medium is 18k gold, ensuring that our products retains it's unparalleled beauty and stands the test of time.

At THE PHOSPHATE COLLECTION we continue to inherit and uphold these core values, making sure that each piece bears the same excellence set by our predecessors.

The phosphate community, original artwork by Chayuth Bunyapamai, ฺBoy with loupe, original artwork by Chayuth Bunyapamai, THE PHOSPHATE COLLECTION
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